Tito Gobbi

Tito Gobbi © 2013 . All rights reserved.

“Gobbi belonged to that special breed, who so combine singing and acting that they become inseparable – the complete art form demanded by opera at its sublime best.” – Michael Langdon, Opera Great Interpreters: Tito Gobbi Broadcast on Fine Music … Continue reading

Sondra Radvanovsky

Sondra Radvanovsky Photo Credit: Pavel Antonov

“Radvanovsky’s singing was riveting. Hers is a bright beacon of a voice, focused and agile… Even in the many rousing choruses and ensemble numbers, her voice sailed into the house like a glowing laser beam.” – New York Times Great … Continue reading

Jessye Norman

Jessye Norman © 2012 . All rights reserved.

“There’s nobody like her, never was and probably never will be. In trying to describe Norman’s artistry, a critic inevitably finds himself falling into the lamest of clichés – ‘oceanic power’, ‘force of nature’, ‘larger than life presence’ and so … Continue reading

Leontyne Price

Leontyne Price © 2012 . All rights reserved.

“A goddess performing among us.” – Jay Harrison, The Herald Tribune, 1954   Great Interpreters:  Leontyne Price Broadcast “live” on Fine Music Radio on 14 March 2008. Also available on iTunes: Leontyne Price (b. 1927) was the outstanding lyric-dramatic soprano … Continue reading